Calendar Printing Services

A full-color, custom-printed calendar will help keep your business top of mind with your clients. Whether you want promotional calendars to give out at the end of the year, need to use them as a fundraiser for a non-profit initiative, or want to have custom hanging calendars in lobbies or office spaces, our custom-color calendars fit the bill to a tee!

Have something in mind? Great! We offer a wide selection of formats and styles to choose from, as well as an easy setup process!

Calendar Options offers multiple calendar designs to choose from. Some of our most popular choices include (but are not limited to):

  • Photo calendars: These calendars feature at least 12 (one per month) vibrant photos. You can choose anything from vintage photos of the town that your company is located in to stunning scenery or custom graphics. Just one catch: You need to have the rights to use each photo in your custom calendar.
  • Poster calendars: There’s nothing quite like an eye-catching poster calendar that allows you to see the entire year at a glance. While this design may not include as many pictures as other types, it’s a great way to keep your company’s name in a visible place year-round. Poster calendars tend to be around 11” by 17” in size.
  • Sizes: Our standard calendars can be printed in numerous sizes, ranging from the popular 8.5” by 11” to 12” by 12,” but other options are available as well. Just ask ourSolo Printing team!

Made-to-Order for Marketing

People often look at a wall calendar multiple times a day. Now, with your company’s name all over that calendar, potential clients and customers are reminded that your business is there when they need you! There’s nothing quite like a colorful, vibrant promotional tool to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Need a Creative Fundraiser for Your Non-Profit?

Do you need a handy way to raise funds for your non-profit? We can help! Let’s build a calendar! We’ve seen it all – some historical societies benefit from calendars consisting of vintage photographs, while other types of non-profits can get a bit creative with their themes.

The great news is everyone needs a calendar, so why not turn yours into an end-of-year fundraiser? It’s an affordable and effective fundraising method that people are happy to take advantage of – all the while subtly serving as a marketing method tool for you all year long!

Our Process is 1 ,2, 3, Easy

How easy is it to create your own custom calendar? At Solo Printing, we make it as easy as possible! Our custom three-step process is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

1) Customize your calendar. Select one of our handy templates to build your calendar. Keep in mind that you’ll need to include one photo per month and leave some space underneath for text. You can even include custom days on your calendar to celebrate company milestones like anniversaries or founder’s days. Be as creative as you’d like!

2) Upload your calendar to our website. You’ll need a PDF file that contains each month and its artwork in an easy to follow outline. We’ll use this to create the first proof of your calendar.

3) Add the finishing touches. You have your choice of sizes, glossy or non-glossy paper, bindings (saddle-stitched), quantity, and more. Once you’ve made your selections, simply enter your contact and payment information, and press the submit button. We take it from there!

Order your Calendar Online with Shop Solo Printing

At Solo Printing, we like to say it in COLOR! Ready to create your vibrant custom calendar? Solo Printing is your one-stop calendar printing shop!