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Print Catalogs to Drive Your Business Success


When you provide vibrant, “come-to-life” catalogs to your customers, there’s a direct connection which yields a higher generation of revenue. In fact, each customer who browses your catalog from the comfort of their own home can enjoy all available options and choose what they need without pressure or time constraints. It’s a win-win!

As a business owner, catalogs are an essential marketing tool you want to use to your full advantage.

So, how do you get started? Simply follow our easy 5-step process. We’re here to help you build and print an appealing catalog that will reel in loyal customers and profits for your business.


Step 1: Make Products Easy to See and Content Easy to Read

Customers can’t buy what they can’t see! One of the most important factors to keep in mind when printing an eye-catching catalog is to make sure that all featured products are easy to see and read. Don’t make your customers work to find what they want. If you have a fashion brand, make sure the clothing is shown either on a model or as a flat lay to display all essential details. If customers are not able to get a detailed view of your products, they most likely won’t make the purchase. Strategically design your layout and ensure that all products are easily seen by utilizing a platform such as Adobe InDesign or Illustrator.

Step 2: Provide Helpful Informational Copy


Since a salesperson will not be standing by to “seal the deal,” make sure your catalog is complete with informative content that supplies your customer with all the product details. Anticipate consumer questions and provide complimentary but factual details about your products. Without engaging content, your customers may think twice before ordering.

If you have any questions, the Solo Printing team is here to help.


Step 3: Select Technical Printing Information


After you finish designing your catalog layout and product displays, it’s time to get technical. You will need to consider the technical design elements before uploading your finished work. 

At Solo Printing, we want you to love your catalog, so we ask you to consider the following two details:

  • Paper type- Ask yourself how you want your pictures to pop on paper? Do you want a matte or glossy format? This element is important when choosing how you want the overall presentation of your catalog to be received.
  • Page count- Select the number of pages you need. Your page count will not only determine the final length but also total cost.


Step 4: Upload PDF File and Review

Your customers are checking it twice…and you should too! Once everything is complete, upload your finished catalog design in PDF format. Not to worry - our system will check for any systematic errors. However, make sure to review each page and see if there are any images that didn’t properly upload or if there are any typos in the copy sections. We want to ensure your final product is perfect and will be received effectively by your customers.

Step 5: Complete Your Order

Finally, complete your order. We’ll take it from here! Your catalog is in great hands. We will print and deliver your color-laden catalog in record time, so your customers can begin eyeing (and buying) your new collections!

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