Menu Printing

We are living in a new world, and for many restaurants, that means enacting new policies to help people feel safe and comfortable eating out again. In an effort to help, many state and local governments are mandating the use of disposable menus to curb the spread of the virus. Single-use menus are the safest option because they can be used once and recycled, ensuring no contact occurs.

Those looking to dine in restaurants will check for the safety and sanitation protocols you have put in place - and disposable menus will go a long way toward showing customers you care about their safety!

Keep Your Look - Eliminate the Spread

Many restaurants are afraid that handing out a plain piece of paper simply won’t bring in customers or impress them, but that isn’t true! Your disposable menu doesn’t have to be dull or displeasing.

When you print with Solo Printing, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality in print and in paper. We have hundreds of paper options and our print quality will make sure that your brand stands out!

Disposable menus are lightweight and recyclable, so you won’t have to worry about storage or pollution. And a little added bonus is that they are great for kids to draw on while their parents are enjoying an extra drink or dessert.

What Are You If You’re Not Flexible? – We Help You Adjust

With quick printing times, disposable menus allow you to adjust your options and offerings as we start to navigate this brave new world. You may have difficulty getting certain ingredients or products brought in stock, so you may need to change your menu quickly. Or maybe you are running with a smaller staff and can’t offer everything, so you need new menus quickly and without dealing with stress!

Disposable menus are also a great idea as you continue to change and modify your menu in the coming weeks and maybe even months. Aren’t sure if a certain dish is going to work or be popular with your consumer base? No problem! We can adjust and reprint on the double, whenever needed. You just provide the details, and we make the printing magic happen!

Single-Use Menus in Marketing

Single-use, disposable menus are great for marketing opportunities as well. Ask some of your neighbors to hang them on their refrigerators, send them out with orders, or display them at local businesses to help spread the word that you are opening up again. Disposable menus, when created properly, can include some of the same information that a traditional mailer would without the costs.

Going to offer carry-out or delivery? Disposable menus can help drive repeat business and bring in new customers!


How Much Do Disposable Menus Cost? At Solo Printing, we understand that cost is always a factor. Disposable, single-use menus will vary in costs depending on the size, paper choice, graphic design work, finish, and quantity of your menus.


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