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Custom Newsletters Printing

Sending out a physical company newsletter ensures that people, whether they are your employees, new clients, existing customers, or even potential customers, remain aware of the up-and-coming happenings in your business.

Why Virtual Newsletter Don’t Always Work

Although some people are shifting to sending newsletters via email, did you know that this method doesn’t create the same connection as an actual, physical newsletter? According to statistics, most marketing emails only have an open rate of around 11.6%. This means that the digital version of your newsletter that you emailed to your contact list may only be opened by 1 out of every 10 people. A colorful, enticing printed newsletter is more engaging and tactile, making this the better option to develop brand recognition with your audience.

Customize Your Print Newsletters

When it comes to having your newsletter professionally printed, the Shop Solo Printing team can help you get creative with the customization of your piece. Some of our many options include (but are not limited to):

  • Sizes: Do you want your newsletter to be on 8.5” by 11” paper? Or do you prefer it to be slightly larger (11” by 17”)? While these are two of our most popular options, we also offer custom newsletter printing in other sizes as well.
  • Paper options: Glossy paper, matte paper, and everything in between are all available custom options.

Our Newsletter Tips

Want to put together an engaging newsletter that your recipients will be excited to open? Here are some handy tips:

1)Choose engaging content.
In order for your newsletter to provide value in some form, start with a strong first-page headline and plenty of engaging content. People want to be informed, so focus on the important details that will make a difference in their lives and businesses.

2) Stay typo and grammatical error free. 
While you don’t necessarily need to hire an expensive copywriter to craft your newsletter content, your copy should be free of grammatical errors and typos. Use spell check and make sure that all punctuation marks are in the appropriate places. A second set of eyes can catch errors you might miss. An error-laden newsletter does not build credibility.

3) Incorporate plenty of vibrant photos.
While you don’t need to fill your newsletter with photos or graphics, you should have at least two per page to break up the text and engage the reader’s eye. People like visuals that match the content they’re reading, as it makes it easier for them to visualize the topic. Consider infographics, charts, or icons to help illustrate key points.

4) Choose an appropriate tone that engages your audience.
There’s a big difference between a lively, informal tone and one that’s strictly business oriented. Sometimes, a middle ground is right where you want to be – slightly casual, but still professional, as well as easy to read. This will keep your readers engaged and give your content a relatable feel.

5) Have a recurring column.
Whether your brand has associations with non-profits or community organizations, emphasizes employee wellness, or focuses on continuing education- drawing attention to the unique ways your brand stands out makes your newsletter more personal and engaging. Highlighting team members, company achievements, or sharing a fun story with your contacts will leave a lasting impression.

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